So, now that i have your attention i want to say something: I don’t know everything and i will never pretend that i do, but i know that if we go on like, if humanity will go on behaving like this, behaving like they don’t know what’s going on in China, Russia, Africa and all over the world we will end up ruining this planet, destroying it until there’s only left desert. Everyone knows what’s going on, how many childs have to work in fabrics in china or how we are destroying the whole nature with all the pollution we produce. But no one’s doing something concrete to change that. Let’s put it this way: if we go on this way we will destroy ourselves. Darwin was wrong, at least with the human race, cause our strength is our biggest weakness and is leading us to the end, faster then you all think. I just hope that there’s someone out there reading this and thinking:”yes, we have to do something”. Remember, you are not to little to change make a change, cause if we want to see the world change we have first to change ourselves. Thanks.
*drops mic*